Reaching out...
Reaching out...

Standard 6: External Development Leadership

Summary: A school executive will design structures and processes that result in community engagement, support and ownership. Acknowledging that schools no longer reflect but in fact build community, the leader proactively creates with staff opportunities for parents, community and business representatives to participate as "stockholders" in the school such that continued investments of resources and good will are not left to chance.

Examples of Standard 6 from The Chronicles of Narnia:

After Miraz takes over and tries to exterminate the Narnians, there is no empowerment of stakeholders either of his own Telmarine people or the Narnians. With Miraz as leader, there is no sense of community, only an overall a sense of foreboding and fear. Miraz does have protocols in place to ensure compliance with his mandates, but there is no advocacy for the community. Miraz does not seek to build relationships, he dictates to those that follow him and obey him out of fear.

Aslan must creat opportunities for the "community" of Narnia to become stockholders in the situation they face. He realizes that they are the foundation of Narnia and that they must "participate as stockholders" in Narnia so that "continued investments of resources and good will are not left to chance." Without the "stockholders" of Narnia, the war to win Narnia back will not succeed. Aslan must mentor the Pevensies to enlist their aid in building "community engagement, support and ownership." They must help him create opportunities for the Narnians to participate in their own liberation.

The Pevensies in their previous visit to Narnia had ruled there as kings and queens until they were sent back to their time and world. As rulers they had to work for their stockholders and also had to encourage the stockholders to take "shared responsibility" in the success of the kingdom by creating good systems, process and procedures. They had to manage the "fiscal and human resources" of their kingdom. They were successful at this, so it was even more of a shock upon their return after hundreds of years had passed to see the ruins of what they had worked hard to build up. They had to team up with Aslan to bring their "stockholders" back and to give them the opportunity to take part in finding a solution to their problems.

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