Thoughts create reality...
Thoughts create reality...

As leaders we need to consistently be questioning and finding answers to the issues that arise within our educational environments. We need to look at what it means and what it takes to be a successful leader. I will periodically put what I hope will be, thought provoking questions in "Points to Ponder..." I hope they encourage us to think and dig a bit deeper into the educational issues we will face and what it truly means to be a successful leader.

Points to Ponder...
  • As a leader, should you have/use more than one type of leadership (Democratic, Pace-setting, Coaching, Visionary/Transformative, Affiliative, Commanding) - if so, why?
  • If you had to identify one single component that is necessary to be a leader and not just a manager, what would it be? In other words, what do you think is the single most important component that differentiates a leader from a manager?
  • How would you compare stepping into a different world (such as Narnia) with stepping into a new principalship?
  • As a principal, are you in a school to serve the school (students, staff, etc.) or are they there to serve you?
  • What does it mean to "lead through service to others?"
  • Do we as an educational system, need to create more magnet and charter schools, or do we need to work on fixing/improving our existing public schools?
  • We hear these phrases very often, "Every child can learn," "Every child has the right to a high quality education." Is this what we see our teachers practicing in their classrooms?
  • If our best teachers and administrators are ending up at schools that have low needs, how can we say that each child is getting the same high quality education?
  • If we truly are educators, why do we hesitate to take positions in "high needs" schools? Is it a fear of the challenge represented in turning these schools around, is it a fear of failure, or some other fear we don't want to face?
  • As educational leaders, shouldn't we relish the opportunity to take on a challenge? Shouldn't we be excited to have the opportunity of a challenge to use our skills, creativity/innovation, commitment and leadership to bring about positive change?
  • If we expect our students to be "life-long learners," shouldn't we as teachers and administrators also be "life-long learners?"
  • What does it truly mean to "prepare our students for the 21st century" and to "teach our youth to be global citizens?" If we as teachers and administrators are not sure of what it means, how can we teach it and help our students to understand it?
  • What would an ideal "Professional Learning Community" look like/be like?
  • As administrators, do we recognize and utilize our teacher leaders?
  • Should teacher leaders that take on more responsibility and that seek to step-up in leadership roles be paid more? We pay our coaches and some other after school activity people extra money, why not teacher leaders?
  • Is part of the job of a principal/AP to inspire?
  • Is being a principal/AP a job or a vocation?
  • Are the character traits/skills of a leader inherent, learned or both?

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