School Executives in North Carolina must adhere to seven standards. The "philosophical foundations of the standards" according to the NC State Board of Education are as follows:

Today schools must have proactive school
executives who possess a great sense of urgency.

The goal of school leadership is to transform
schools so that large-scale, sustainable, continuous
improvement becomes built in to their mode of

The moral purpose of school leadership is to
create schools in which all students learn, the
gap between high and low performance is
greatly diminished and what students learn will
prepare them for success in their futures, not

Leadership is not a position or a person. It is a
practice that must be embedded in all job roles
at all levels of the school district.

The work of leadership is about working with,
for and through people. It is a social act.
Whether we are discussing instructional
leadership, change leadership or leadership as
learning, people are always the medium for the

Leadership is not about doing everything
oneself but it is always about creating
processes and systems that will cause
everything to happen.

Leadership is about the executive’s ability to
select and develop a strong executive staff
whose complementary strengths promote
excellence in all seven functions of leadership
identified in this document.

The concept of leadership is extremely
complex and systemic in nature. Isolating the
parts of leadership completely misses the
power of the whole. It is not just knowing
what to do, but why to do it, how to do it and
when to do it.

Within a school district there are nested
leadership systems (local boards of education,
central office, school, and classroom). For the
organization to be successful these systems
must be aligned and supportive, and function
as a team.

Leadership is about setting direction, aligning
and motivating people to implement positive
sustained improvement.

Leaders bring their “person” to the practice of
leadership. Matching the context of leadership
to the “person” of the individual is important to
the success of the leader

This Wiki will show connections to the seven standards of School Executive Leadership found in "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe." It will also explore and connect Christian leadership principles as they are expressed in this book.
Standard 1 Strategic Leadership